Expansion modules COconnect and control platform ControlOne


The heartbeat of any automation solution is the controller. The available scaleable processing power of 400 MHz Power PC to  1.1 GHz Atom in the ControlOne CPU provides the appropriate power range for a huge variety of applications.

Despite their compact design, the basic features of the CPU modules include interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, Compact Flash, Ether­CAT and CANopen, as well as DVI graphics for a direct link to the HMI Panel. Optional interface modules guarantee adaptability at optimum cost and dimensions. Expansion modules can be atta­ched directly to the CPU. Fanless operation allows you to forget about specified maintenance intervals.


A modular expansion concept with numerous I/O modules pro­vides the automation solution with the required connectivity. All connections are made by plug­in terminals.

Digital inputs and outputs complying with IEC 61131­2 with adjustable filter and 2 A rated output current, analog inputs with 14­bit resolution, temperature measuring modules for type J, K, L and PT100 thermocouples and temperature compensation, as well as encoder evaluation with latch inputs with response times of  20 µs are just some of the features.To optimize the physical positioning of the expansion modules, row­mounted or remote operation via bus coupler is possible.

ControlOne - Control platform
with 400 MHz PowerPC to1.1 GHz Atom CPU
 system field bus EtherCAT and CANopen fanless operation 


MotionControl - in the following areas:
single-axis motion, electronic gearing
cam plate to flying saw


 COconnect - Expansion modules
digital inputs/outputs complying with IEC 61 131
analog modules with 14-bit resolution
temperature measuring modules for  J, K, L and PT100 
thermocouples, position detection modules with latch inputs




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